How often can you top up a loan: tips

How often can you top up a loan? If you enter this question in a search engine, you will find many results that deal extensively with the topic of increasing credit. However, he will search in vain for a concrete answer to his question. The reason is obvious. No adviser knows to what extent a

Reduce debt – how it works?

How can I reduce my debts? This question is asked by almost 7 million over-indebted Germans. We live in a consumer society and the easy access to debt financing increases the risk of over-indebtedness. For a long time, many debtors have not been aware that they live above their means. The fact that one pays

Apply for a Credit Bureau free loan

Consumers who have overdrawn their accounts or need money quickly for other reasons are happy to make a loan request with their bank. However, the request is automatically rejected if there is a negative Credit bureau entry. Credit bureau is a privately organized credit bureau that provides banks and companies with information on the creditworthiness

Credit memo request without credit rating

The credit request is the term when people with a bad credit rating entry want to make a loan application. Of course, a loan is difficult to obtain despite credit rating, because a bad credit rating of the lender is not desirable. For this reason, credit rating bookings or negative information may be the answer

Who has the best chance of a loan

The image of loan companies has changed in favor over the past years. The cost of granted non-bank loans decreased, many attractive promotions were introduced (e.g. free payday loans) and under the flag of the us Association of Loan Institutions, responsible borrowing and not twisting the spiral of debt began to be promoted. Despite this,